What is the Eurasian Subtitlers’ League?

ESL (рус. Евразийская лига субтитровщиков, ЕЛС) is the Association of  subtitles’ translators and editors created to unite professionals of this translation area.

    Dear colleagues!

On September 9, 2019 the long-awaited non-commercial Eurasian Subtitlers’ League officially started its work after being registered by the Russian Ministry of Justice. This bit of news raised a lot of interest both in Russia and in Kazakhstan, Latvia, other regions of the former Soviet Union as well as among other European and American colleagues. Why? What was the purpose of its creation and why it is worth considering joining it or partnering with it?

The League unites all those who creates millions of subs in various languages (including HoH subs) for huge broadcast, VoD and social media audiences as well as for educational and corporate videos. Currently in most former CIS countries this activity is not recognized as a profession. It is somehow considered a hobby. This is a wrong assumption.

— The paramount goal of ESL is the official recognition of subtitling as a profession and the creation of subtitling standards and improving the working conditions of subtitlers. This goal is pivotal to the development of our cooperation with other associations, state bodies and international bodies as well as vendors of subtitling services.

— The League also places research activities in the field of subtitle translation high on its agenda as for quite a few translation practitioners in the market AV translation and translation of subtitles are still uncharted territories. This goal helps us to work in multiple joint scientific and educational projects with universities all over Russia and beyond its borders.

— The activities of the League are aimed at gaining international recognition for Russian subtitlers all over the world both for regular subtitling and for accessibility services. This goal is the foundation of our cooperation with foreign vendors of subtitling services, foreign associations and colleagues no matter what language they speak.

— The League strongly roots for the boost in the quality of subtitling services. This goal underpins the creation of the library of the League containing style guides, documents and research pieces on subtitling as well as the creation of the mentoring system enabling the on-the-job education of beginner subtitlers by their experienced colleagues. And the system of professional tests and exams.

Subtitling is a hughly practical activity. Thus the League sets itself practical goals. Information and teaching materials may be found on several social media resources. They usually aren’t available at the Internet site of the league. These resources are: Facebook, VK, Twitter, LinkedIn. For membership terms and advantages, news and more – check our website.

— Elena Konotopova, President of ESL


Consolidation of efforts of professional and amateur subtitlers from different countries who wish to improve their skills, working conditions and terms of collaboration with localization companies.

Educational activities – both independent and collaborative in close cooperation with universities and educational institutions as well as subtitling software companies and online subtitling platforms to increase the standards of subtitling and improve working conditions of subtitlers.

Cooperation with all interested parties including government bodies, non-commercial institutions, universities and scientific center and cultural establishments to promote the goals of the League.

Research in the domain of the game subtitles, SDH accessibility measures and innovative media such as AR and VR (360 subtitling).

Cooperation with Russian and foreign audiovisual content producers interested in the increase of the quality of their subtitled programming (both regular subs and HoH).

Promotion of standards of subtitling and translation for subtitling set forth in various Style Guides of the largest industry players among the general public.

Close cooperation with companies needing live subtitling services and subtitling for terminology-rich educational programs.

Development of professional standards of subtitling and translation for subtitling.

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